Wine Grapes


Cabernet Sauvignon

Late season red wine grape. Small, round, black and very seeded. Strong flavor, and one of the most renowned red wine grapes. Vigorous, upright vine. Cane prune. Self-fruitful. 100 chill hours needed, bears September-October.

French Columbard

Yellow-green, juicy, for fruity white wines. Tolerates hot climate, very productive. 50 chill hrs. Self-fruitful.


From Germany. Small pink to bluish-brown fruit. Fruity, spicy, aromatic moderately sweet white wine. Requires cool summers for best quality. Cane prune. 100 hrs. Self-fruitful. Cane prune.


Medium sized, round, bluish-black fruits. Yields wines of fine bouquet that are softer & age more rapidly that Cabernet Sauvignon. Medium to large conical clusters. Self-fruitful. Spur or cane prune. Better in cool areas. Bears: Sept.-Oct.

Pinot Chardonnay

Small, round, green skin, usually with one seed. Small cylindrical clusters. Large leaves. Used for white table wine. Average production. Cane prune. Self-fruitful. Bears late August

Pinot Noir

Small black berries that yield the famous French Burgundy wines & soft Pinots. Requires cool summers. Cane prune. Self-fruitful. 100 chill hours. Bears: August

Syrah (aka Shiraz)

Syrah here in the states...Shiraz from the 'Land Down-Under'. Small, round and very dark skinned. Grows in tight clusters. Self-fruitful. 100 chill hours. Bears: Sept.-Oct. Spur prune.


For fruity red wines. Medium size, round, juicy, reddish-black berry. Bears early to mid-season. Prefers mild winters and cool summers. Heavy bearing. Spur prune. Bears: August.

























Deciduous fruit






Specialty Fruit

Chill Hours

Cold chill hours can be a little confusing. Basically they are the number of hours below 45°F subtracting the number of hours above 60°F between the months of November and February.

If you live in or around any of these areas, your average chill hours are:

  • Malibu, Ventura, Santa Barbara: ± 300 Hours
  • San Fernando Valley, Fillmore, Simi Valley: ± 800 Hours or less
  • Santa Clarita, Lancaster: 800 Hours or more

There is no simple test for "Chill Hours" and they are calculated as an average. Each winter season differs in total chill hours accumulated, which can affect fruit production. Most of the fruit trees we carry at Otto & Sons are classified as low chill requirement and are better matched for our Southern California chill hours.