Angel Red

NEW!! Bright red, large, bears 30 days earlier than Wonderful. Bears in August. Soft seeded, yields high volumes of antioxidant juice. Requires 150-200 chill hrs. Mature height: 18'x18'.


Very sweet, virtually seedless. (even young fruit is sweet). Red skin, clear (non-staining) juice. Coastal or inland areas. 8-10 ft. arching shrub or train as small tree or espalier. Large, showy red-orange flowers. Self-fruitful. 150 chill hours. Bears Summer-Fall.


Extra large fruit. Blushed red skin. Flesh is rich, red color, juicy, with a sharp flavor. Best known of the pomegranates. Give it room. Hot, inland climate is best. Self-fruitful, needs 150 chill hours and bear in September. Available as 'Standard tree or shrub. Grows to 20 feet.




Semi dwarf trees will reach 18 foot on average. Exquisite new fruit, a plum/apricot hybrid. Standard trees can reach 24+ feet. Winter prune only.

Dapple Dandy

Made to enjoy...Freestone w/ creamy red & white flesh has the distinct flavors of plum & apricots. Skin is green & yellow dapple. Harvest in Aug.-Sept. Needs 4-500 chill hrs. Use Flavor Supreme or Flavor King Pluots, Santa Rosa or Burgundy Plum as a pollinizer.

Flavor Grenade

Oblong, green fruit w/ a red blush. Crisp texture & BIG explosive flavor. A Taste Test Winner! Fruit holds on the tree for 4-6 weeks. Pollinate w/ a Japanese Plum: Burgundy, Santa Rosa or Satsuma. 300 chill hrs.

Flavor King

Another flavor WINNER! Sensational sweet, spicy flavor & bouquet. Reddish purple skin with crimson flesh. Small tree. 400 chill hrs. Pollinate with Santa Rosa Plum.

























Deciduous fruit






Specialty Fruit

Chill Hours

Cold chill hours can be a little confusing. Basically they are the number of hours below 45°F subtracting the number of hours above 60°F between the months of November and February.

If you live in or around any of these areas, your average chill hours are:

  • Malibu, Ventura, Santa Barbara: ± 300 Hours
  • San Fernando Valley, Fillmore, Simi Valley: ± 800 Hours or less
  • Santa Clarita, Lancaster: 800 Hours or more

There is no simple test for "Chill Hours" and they are calculated as an average. Each winter season differs in total chill hours accumulated, which can affect fruit production. Most of the fruit trees we carry at Otto & Sons are classified as low chill requirement and are better matched for our Southern California chill hours.