Standards are large to 30 feet. Don't be afraid to summer prune to keep under control for pity-sake. Normal winter pruning as well!



Standard size tree, no pollinizer required, chill hrs/500, ripens in early July. Recently from Canada. Dark red, sweet cherry. Large, firm & good flavor. Often sold as "Self-fertile Bing."

Minnie Royal

Medium-sized red cherry: firm w/ good flavor. Ripens 11-14 days ahead of Bing. Very productive w/ low chill. 400-500 hours. Pollinizer for Royal Lee, pollinated by Royal Lee.

Royal Lee

Medium-large red cherry: heart shaped, very firm w/ excellent flavor: Ripens 11-14 days a head of Bing. Very productive w/ low chill requirements. 400-500 hours. Pollinate w/ Minnie Royal.

Royal Rainier

Standard size tree, needs pollinizer, chill hrs/ 600, ripens mid May Large yellow cherry with a red blush. A most excellent flavor TASTE TEST WINNER! Pleasing texture & size. Pollinate with Van, Black Tartarian, Bing, or Lapin.


Standard size tree, needs no pollinizer, chill hrs/500, ripens mid June. Large, nearly black skin. Richly flavored sweet cherry, firm flesh. Tree bears at young age. Good pollinizer for sweet cherries.































Deciduous fruit






Specialty Fruit

Chill Hours

Cold chill hours can be a little confusing. Basically they are the number of hours below 45°F subtracting the number of hours above 60°F between the months of November and February.

If you live in or around any of these areas, your average chill hours are:

  • Malibu, Ventura, Santa Barbara: ± 300 Hours
  • San Fernando Valley, Fillmore, Simi Valley: ± 800 Hours or less
  • Santa Clarita, Lancaster: 800 Hours or more

There is no simple test for "Chill Hours" and they are calculated as an average. Each winter season differs in total chill hours accumulated, which can affect fruit production. Most of the fruit trees we carry at Otto & Sons are classified as low chill requirement and are better matched for our Southern California chill hours.